Sabrina Carpenter Blesses "Tonight Show" With "Why" Performance: Watch

sabrina carpenter why fallon
sabrina carpenter why fallon performance

One of the most brilliant pop songs released thus far in 2017 is undoubtedly Sabrina Carpenter’s “Why”. And this week the 18-year-old American singer delivered the first televised performance of her electro pop goodie on a late-night show, and it wasn’t any late-night show, it was on probably the most popular late-night show ever; NBC’s “The Tonight Show”, which is hosted by Jimmy Fallon. This much-anticipated performance comes only days after “Why” broke into the Top 30 on US pop radio (currently at #28) and the possibilities became even higher that Sabrina could obtain with “Why” her highest chart position ever. That’s most likely why Hollywood Records decided to spend the big money that costs to get an artist to perform on “The Tonight Show” on Sabrina Carpenter. The feel in the air is that this song could be Sabrina’s long-awaited career breakout hit.

Sabrina looked beautiful, the outfit she chose for the performance was body-flattering, and she sounded absolutely exquisite.

Must-noted moment: Every time Sabrina decided to lose herself a bit to the beat of the chorus and give viewers some hip dancing action.

By on October 26, 2017

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