R.Kelly - 'Share My Love' (Music Video!)

R&B star R.Kelly has all the ladies for himself in the music video for "Share My Love", the first single from his upcoming album "Write Me Back", the sequel to the 2010 critically-acclaimed LP "Love Letter" - RCA Records haven't announced an official release date for "Write Me Back" yet (rumor had it was coming out March 27th, but that didn't happen obviously) but hopefully we'll have in late Spring/early Summer at the most. "Share My Love" is a jovial single, with 70's music inspiration, fully written and produced by Kells.

As for the newly-unveiled MV, directed by X, it shows R.Kelly throwing an intimate party where he is the 'hotspot' for all the ladies of course. "We don’t like the new videos. We just like to have fun and turn the camera on while we do it, We not gonna call this a video, we calling this a real party. Everybody here is VIP", commented R.Kelly behind the scenes. Check it out!

What do you think of the 'Share My Love' video?

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By on April 19, 2012

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