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Brooke Candy has been known for her overtly-sexual lyrics and show-stopping visuals in her un-signed years, and she ain't changing a bit of her essence now that she’s part of a major label like RCA Records. Both parties announced the deal in February this year, and only three months later Brooke’s already released her first project with the Sony label. The 5-song EP ‘Opulence’ hit iTunes on May 6th. Three of the five songs are co-written and co-produced by label-mate Sia. And if you thought the Australian composer could only write family-safe songs such as 'Diamonds', 'Perfume' or 'Cannonball', then you are in for a huge shock when you hear what she wrote for Brooke Candy. Your jaw is going to plummet to the floor, we can guarantee that.

Brooke’s ‘Opulence’ is filled with such high-definition synth-pop beats that listening to the EP with headphones on is simply a MUST.

The opening song, title track and lead single ‘Opulence’ sees Brooke Candy spitting lyrics about the attitude a girl should have once she's got a bank account full of millions and the bling-blings to provoke envy in any rival. She's worked hard for her cash, and bragging about her opulence and level of superiority is only right…right? This particular track is so well-produced and written, it's got swag, and the beat is just so menacing-good. It’s like Sia and Brooke Candy knew ‘Opulence’ was destined to be the first single from the beginning, and they worked extra hard in its creation.

Feeling like going to Jamaica? Because Brooke takes us on a trip to the Caribbean island in 'Pop Rock'. Not that she makes reference to the actual country in the lyrics, it's just that 'Pop Rock' has got that Caribbean music flavor. We can totally see Rihanna singing this Brooke Candy track circaher 'Rude Boy' days. 'Pop Rock' is a raunchy tune about, well, oral sex. Brooke says she’s hungry, and she’s got a man by her side to fulfil her"I'mma put you in my mouth / Pop you like a Pop Rock / Come come, I'mma make you come”. Sia co-wrote this, and we are in shock.

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Brooke isn’t leaving her man alone yet. Track #3 on the EP will have Brooke take the sexual pleasure levels to the roof. She’s used her mouth, and now she's going to put her body to use. 'Bed Squeak', featuring actual bed squeak sounds, sees our new favourite raptress commanding her man to “lose all your inhibitions, get stripping and make the bed squeak!”. We’re actually afraid of how sex with Brooke would be. Too hardcore?

After getting what she wanted from her man in bed, Brooke is ready to party. ‘Feel Yourself (Alcohol)’ is all about tequila shots, and having fun with everybody's favorite friend, the booze. Although Brooke warns, ‘If I have another shot, I may have a heart attack’. Remember, your health is always first! ‘Feel Yourself (Alcohol)’ has a lot of bubbly, beep-y synths in its production, and a Middle East-like intro.

The last track on the album is similar to the first. ‘Opulence’ and ‘Godzillionaire' are all about the cash. Although, Brooke also takes her time in ‘Godzillionaire’ to remind us that she’s a ‘ratchet bitch’ too (oops! she said it, though). “They call me godzillionaire / Got my head in the clouds / Got my money in the air”. If you’re looking for a birthday present for Brooke, you know you can’t get it wrong with big fat cheque.

And that’s ‘Opulence’ EP! Five songs featuring hard-hitting synths, fierce and risqué lyrics, and a swagger by Brooke that can’t be duplicated. She’s making us excited about female rappers again. There just have to be more options than Nicki or Iggy!

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By on May 13, 2014

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