PRETTYMUCH Still Wait With "Open Arms" For That Evasive Girl: Song Premiere

prettymuch open arms

PRETTYMUCH, the new Simon Cowell-formed boyband, have released yet another new song. Entitled “Open Arms”, this R&B cut hears the five members of PRETTYMUCH serenading a girl who has publicly expressed and demonstrated that she wants nothing them but they, for some blind reason, still have their hopes intact. And in fact, they say they’ll wait for her with “open arms” no matter the time it will take. “Got that key to your heart / Scrape my knees on the pavement / Here with open arms / So when you're ready you know where to find me”, sing the insistent guys of PRETTYMUCH in the chorus of their new song.

Very good vocals (happily surprised with these guys) but we can’t help but to feel awkward from the “creep” strong vibes this song oozes. If a girl has “turned you away” once, and maybe twice, then please stop. Because there’s a chance if you keeping trying and trying, that you become a stalker. And that’s not nice.

By the way, we wonder what’s Simon’s strategy with PRETTYMUCH? The band have released 3 songs to date, two of them have music videos, with just over 1 million views on YouTube, and now it all points out that PRETTYMUCH will be focusing on promoting “Open Arms”? Then what? How many songs until we get an EP or album? And just by the digital figures and chart positions PRETTYMUCH are obtaining, do you think Simon Cowell is happy with how PRETTYMUCH is doing? Will he have the patience?

By on October 30, 2017

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