PRETTYMUCH Shake It Like “Jello” In New Music Video, One Member Gets Into A Massive 'Nail' Controversy!

PRETTYMUCH jello video
PRETTYMUCH jello video premiere

I think the guys are talented but it's been so long since the launch of their career as a band and they've been unable to score a proper hit. And hits do matter for them because their market is mainstream America.

PRETTYMUCH have a new single out. Called “Jello”, this is another fun upbeat number from the boy band but unfortunately something very forgettable too. You will enjoy a first listen but a second? Not for me.

On top of releasing this new single this week, PRETTYMUCH have also put out the official music video. There you will see a table full of delicious things and the five PRETTYMUCH members showing off their dancing skills in a long choreography.


Basic but cute. And not all PRETTYMUCH members are great dancers. Maybe just three of them.

By the way, did you hear about the controversy that struck one PRETTYMUCH member?

Do you think PRETTYMUCH will still be together in 2019?

By on December 16, 2018

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