PRETTYMUCH Premiere Music Video For Catchy New Single "Teacher"

prettymuch teacher video
prettymuch teacher video premiere

There's a new boyband in the game called PRETTYMUCH and it's not your common boyband. The Simon Cowell-conceived boyband strays away from your typical view of a boyband. Instead of being all puppy face looking, docile, and innocent, PRETTYMUCH are all about young boys who are into the hipster appearance and their target audience are teen girls who are into the bad boys.

PRETTYMUCH introduced themselves into the game by releasing their debut single "Would You Mind" earlier this year but now they have a brand new track to promote: "Teacher". And we're personally loving "Teacher" ten times better than "Would You Mind". "Teacher" sounds more current, it's more catchy, and it sticks with you after the very first listen. And do you know what helps the song feel even better? Its official music video, which premiered only last weekend on VEVO. The supporting visual is a one take affair that sees all PRETTYMUCH looking all hyped up and dancing and bopping to "Teacher" non stop. It will be literally impossible to take your eyes off of this music video while it plays on your screen and there's no doubt that you will be replaying it quite a few times. Warning: this really gets addictive

By on October 9, 2017

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