PRETTYMUCH Keep Trying With “Summer On You”: Song Premiere

prettymuch summer on you

Check out this new PRETTYMUCH song called “Summer on You”.

“Summer on You” hit digital platforms this Thursday morning.

Will this song be part of a new PRETTYMUCH EP? We don’t know yet. But it could be. Maybe a summer EP?

I’m a bit disappointed with this song, by the way. I assumed from the title that this was going to be a summer bop but it’s the contrary. It’s giving me “summertime sadness” vibes, and not in the cool Lana del Rey song way. It’s a slow song, acoustic-y, and clearly PRETTYMUCH want their own “Love Yourself” (Justin Bieber). Unfortunately this is not working out for me. The song instead of slaying me (sometimes good ballads slay me) it’s making me yawn. Very ‘meh’, very ‘album filler’, not ‘single’ material, very teen, very 16-year-old girls target audience… me no likey.

Question: how much longer do you think PRETTYMUCH will last? The guys are talented, and they have a unique ‘boyband’ look, but sadly they’re just not delivering the hits I’m sure their label executives expected from them. So… how long?


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By on June 21, 2018

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