Pop Group Why Don’t We Release iTunes Top 10 Bop “Trust Fund Baby”, Written By Ed Sheeran!

trust fun baby artwork

You better not sleep on these guys. It looks like they will be the next big thing in music!

Pop group Why Don’t We, made of 5 boys whose ages range from 16 to 19, released today a new single called “Trust Fund Baby” and it immediately was a hit upon release. It went straight to the Top 10 of iTunes USA and there it has stayed all day long. And with all probability it will remain in the highest positions at least for a few more days. And if pop radios give it a chance with good airplay, we’re talking here that “Trust Fund Baby” could make a quite decent debut on the Hot 100 next week. Huge.

About Why Don’t We: They made their debut in 2016 and in less than 12 months they put out 4 EPs. Their numbers? One of their EPs hit #1 on iTunes’ “Pop Albums” chart, their global streaming numbers surpass the 120 million figure, their YouTube views are over 140 million, they have over 2 million followers on Instagram and all of that happened in pretty much one year!

Why Don’t We are signed to Atlantic Records and with the executives knowing the group is destined for great things, they decided to speed up their journey by making Ed Sheeran write their new single “Trust Fund Baby” and the brilliant Steve Mac produce it. The catchy song is about wanting a real girl and not a materialistic one. It is a bop, it’s infectious, and it’s one of the greatest pop things so far this 2018.

By on February 1, 2018

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