Pharrell Williams Makes Everyone "Happy" on Germany's "Wetten, dass ...?"

pharrell at wetten dass
pharrell and his hat at wetten dass
pharell perform on wetten dass

Pharrell's "Happy" is a bonafide international hit. Very few are the countries where the happy tune hasn't made it on Top 10. Keeping up with his overseas promotion, the former N.E.R.D leader (and his hat) made an appearance on Germany's most popular show "Wetten, dass ...?" where he was both interviewed (Hilary Swank was also a guest... why, though?) and performed her monster song "Happy" on Saturday, February 22nd.

Such an awkward interview, but the performance was alright! Pharrell's got to stop wearing that hat, though. I can't stand it. Takes my focus away from the song, ha. A little kid broke into Pharrell's performance, for an unknown reason to me, and started showing off some dance moves. Pharrell thanked his "support" afterwards.

In related "Happy" news, Pharrell will be taking the Oscars stage on March 2nd, where he will perform the "Best Original Song"-nominated "Happy" live.

Should he drop the hat?

By on February 24, 2014

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