Oranges Are Squeezed In Broods' "L.A.F" Music Video!

broods laf video

Broods keep on producing singles from their debut album “Evergreen”. The latest has been confirmed to be “L.A.F”. How do I know? For the Joel Little-produced upbeat indie-pop track just got the music treatment today! (Sunday, November 9). Exclusively premiered via VEVO, watch the “interesting” visual for “L.A.F” below now!!!

“L.A.F” video review

Very simple and minimalistic. Just how Broods like their videos to be. Georgia Nott gets under water, a couple kiss, a shirtless black man stretches, a basketball player shows off his skills, a woman squeezes a pair of oranges (Pan’s Labyrinth style), among other things, make up the “L.A.F” video. It’s definitely a “cool” watch. “L.A.F” is to me one of the stand-out songs on “Evergreen” so I’m THRILLED it’s been picked as the next single. Will it be a smash hit in America? Probably not – Broods’ US reception has been rather cold – yey at it being single!

broods laf video

What do you think of the video?

By on November 10, 2014

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