OneRepublic Perform On 'Ellen'

OneRepublic performed their new single "Good Life" on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this past Friday - The feel-good tune is the fourth official single to be released from the band's latest album "Waking Up" (November 2009). I think it's time for a new album guys! "Good Life" is a nice track. It was first released as OneRepublic's new European single in late 2010 and shortly after, "Good Life" was announced as the new US single as well, and even the original music video received a special make-over for the US release.

As I've said the track is cool, I like the melody and lyrics, but commercially I don't think it can get far. If I were Ryan I would finish the "Waking Up" era soon and focus getting the third album out this year.

By on April 2, 2011

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