One Bit & Louisa Johnson Premiere Perfect Music Video For Their BOP "Between You And Me": Watch

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UK production duo One Bit released last month a BOP with Louisa Johnson titled “Between You and Me”. The song was about the story of two friends crossing the line and becoming more than friends and it featured an infectious production with tropical synths and calypso beats. I don’t know if the song became a hit (does someone in the UK have info about it?) but I hope it did because this was a bange, and also because I wanted Louisa to have some good news in her life again following her dramatic departure from Syco Music.

Today, One Bit premiered the official “Between You and Me” music video. It’s very simple in essence but at the same time it’s perfection. I love the blue and orange colours, I loved the treatment with the dancing guy and girl following in love, and I loved the scenes where Louisa Johnson just went crazy singing the chorus and dancing to the infectious beat of the song against solid colour backgrounds.

This song made my day back August and this music video is making now in September!

PS: Here we go again. I’m going to have this hook stuck in my head all the rest of the week!


By on September 12, 2018

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