Oh No She Didn’t: Ally Brooke Covers “Last Christmas”, Makes It A Dance Track

ally brooke last christmas

I don't like how the solo career of Ally Brooke is unfolding and I don't think she does either. Camila, Normani and Lauren are doing from excellent to decent, but Dinah and Ally are just having a really difficult time finding their sound and what they really want to do with their solo careers. It almost feels like they're feeling insecure about everything they do because they worry they don't have the true support of the Fifth Harmony fans anymore. It could really be a little bit of that and the fact the music they have been putting out is a little so-so. In the particular case of Ally Brooke, she has so far released EDM collaborations with Lost Kings and Topic. Both singles flopped. And instead of understanding what the fans were telling her, STOP IT WITH THE DANCE ROUTE, Ally is proving to be quite stubborn as the new piece of music she has just released is another dance effort and this time things are worse. Ally is giving fans a holiday gift in the form of a cover of Wham!’s “Last Christmas” and she has given this classic Christmas song a dance music spin. OMG. Yes, the sacrilege and messiness is real. I'm not going to deny my feet wanted to move along a little bit as the track played on but come on, this is just plain embarrassing. Why the dance route again and why cover this particular track that has been so overdone in recent years (Ariana Grande, Carly Rae jepsen, etc)? I just hope Ally pulls it together in 2019. She needs a fresh re-start. Because the talent and the vocals are there...


By on November 16, 2018

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