No New Album But Chance The Rapper Releases Four New Songs: Stream Them Here!

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The rumor was that Chance the Rapper was going to release a new album this week but he took to social media on Tuesday to deny the claims but confirmed he indeed was in the recording studio. The rumor sparked because Chance the Rapper is to headline and produce the Special Olympics 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert on Saturday (July 21) and some sources claimed the Chicago MC was going to drop a new LP the day before the concert to debut the new music live on Saturday. But again, Chance denied the rumors. Big disappointment, right? NOT REALLY. Because our sadness just turned into happiness as we witness how Chance the Rapper surprise-released last night four brand new songs via SoundCloud. Had he already scheduled these songs for release this week or was it a sudden decision to try to snap fans out of sadness due to the new album rumors denial? Either way, I’m currently experiencing a lot of joy and that’s all it matters.

The titles of the new Chance the Rapper songs are: “I Might Need Security”, “Work Out”, “65th & Ingleside” and “Wala Cam”.

This marks Chance the Rapper’s first new music batch since last year’s “Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: Re-Wrapped”, an extended version of his collaborative mixtape with Jeremih.

Back to the new songs, “I Might Need Security” is a political track, “Work Out” is a positive song about everything being alright, “65th & Ingleside” is about Chance the Rapper’s new fiancé, Kirsten Corley, and “Wala Cam” is a collaboration with Supa Bwe.

Have any favorites?


By on July 19, 2018

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