No More Missing Robyn, She Just Released “Missing U”

robyn missin u

Three years after her last work that was the “Love is Free” EP, Swedish singer Robyn is back into our loves with the release of a new song titled “Missing U”, which she has been hyping a lot during the last few days on social media. Is “Missing U” the confirmation Robyn is about to drop a new full-length studio album? Well, that’s yet to be determined. It could be a one-off single for the summer, something that’s part of a new EP, or yes, an album. But we all know Robyn likes to take her time with her announcements so we’ll just have to wait.

Following a short film uploaded on her YouTube channel earlier this week, which previewed a few seconds of “Missing U”, Robyn dropped the full version just hours ago on digital platforms. “Missing U” is an electro-pop song, a mid-tempo one, in which Robyn shares how she’s not fully adapted yet to her new singe life following a split with her last lover. She still misses him, she misses lying on bed with him, and she’s upset his scent on her pillow has already faded, among other stuff. “Baby it's so real to me now it's over / The space where you used to be / Your head on my shoulder / All of the plans we made that never happened”, sings Robyn in the opening verse. Heartbreak is a terrible thing and we all have our unique timings to get through it. In Robyn’s case, it’s taking quite some time but we all know she will get over this ex sooner or later. And maybe this song is a good catharsis exercise to get to that peaceful state of mind quicker. Admitting your feelings and expressing them in a public manner is a good way to face the reality, however harsh it is, and there’s no doubt that Robyn’s pain will soon turn into a happy memory of an ex.

Missing U” has a typical Robyn sound. Was I maybe expecting her to give us a whole new sound with this new song? A little part of me, yes, wanted Robyn to get crazy and risky and try something complete different. But truth is this kind of productions fit Robyn’s persona like a glove and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, right? She knows what we like and we love old classic Robyn.


By on August 1, 2018

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