No Doubt - 'Push And Shove' (Music Video)

Here's the black and white visual in support of No Doubt's new single "Push and Shove" which also is the title track of the Gwen Stefani-led band's 'comeback' album - released September 25th via Interscope Records - to be precise their first studio work since the mega-hit "Rock Steady" in 2001. Enjoy!

"Push and Shove" is the second single from No Doubt's sixth album, and it's a reggae-fest tune. I like the chorus, but the rest is a bit...too...'noisy'. It just isn't a song I'd request over and over on the radio. It's very tiring, if you know what I mean. I'm certainly surprised Insterscope would allow this as the 2nd single, when there are far better songs on "Push and Shove" like "One More Summer" or "Sparkle". But, the decision had already been taken, and even though "Push and Shove" (the song) is beginning to flop, completely scrapping the single would be bad publicity for a band such as No Doubt, so Interscope should've thought, "let's give 'em 10 dollars to make a music video, and let's move on". The result is above...the boring "P&S" visual. For me, it's a one-time-watch clip. The video is in black and quite and it basically follows all No Doubt members goofing around wandering undisclosed city streets. Gwen's faces are priceless though.

What do you think of the video?

No Doubt - 'Push And Shove' (Music Video)

By on September 25, 2012

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