Nicki Minaj Loses Her Mind On Twitter Over “Queen” Missing #1 On Billboard!

nicki minaj queen loses number one

I'm honestly still re-reading Nicki's tweets and eating popcorn while doing so. This is so good, although it actually is sad.

Billboard announced a few hours ago the album sales in America for the last week and Nicki Minaj new album “Queen” sold missed the #1! Travis Scott's “Astroworld” repeats at the top spot having a total of 205,000 copies (physical, digital sales and streams combined) while Nicki only sold 185,000 with “Queen”. But Nicki is REJECTING these Billboard positions and she just declared herself the true artist with the number one album in America this week. AHHHHH! What a mess!

Please read the tweets below but get some snacks first:

So she's mad about Travis’ last minute bundle deal that pushed an extra 50k in his favor to secure a consecutive number one. But Nicki also had time to call out Kylie Jenner, her label and Spotify. And she also kind of put Ariana Grande in an awkward situation.

OMG! Can someone in Nicki's team please get her off the phone? She's honestly embarrassing herself with this child-like tantrum. Girl, you lost. Period.

And didn’t you say you didn't care about the NUMBERS anyway?

I'm done. Bye.

By on August 20, 2018
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