Nicki Minaj & Ariana Grande’s “Bed” Music Video Has The Worst Editing In History: Watch

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Nicki Minaj’s must-anticipated “Bed” music video premiered last night (July 6) on YouTube and it was the most disappointing thing ever. If I had to give this video an award, it definitely wouldn’t be “Video of the Year” but “Video with the Worst Editing in History of Music Videos”. But it’s not just the editing that was a flop, the whole music video is a flop. A messy flop.

I personally didn’t get what Nicki wanted to say with the video, there were a lot of scenes that looked like “behind the scenes” stuff, the editing, as I previously, mentioned was too messy, and to just point out one of the many terrible moments of the music video… if you skip to the scene with the “Mili” lyric, you’ll see that immediately after there’s going to be a lip-synch problem, lol. Too much messiness.

Nicki has announced, though, there’s going to be an alternative version to this “Bed” music video and that she will premiere this different version probably next week. I look forward to see that because I don’t think anything can be worse this first version.

By the way, this is one of the few times that the TRAILER for the music video is actually better than the music video itself!


Read the lyrics to "Bed" here

By on July 7, 2018
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