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Ne-Yo - Burnin' Up (Music Video!)

American singer/songwriter Ne-Yo has created this brand new original track called "Burnin' Up" to act as the promotional theme to his new alcoholic beverage, 'Malibu Red' (a delicious blend of smooth Malibu Rum and fiery silver tequila...mmm...yummy!) - Speaking on the dance-flavoured song Ne-Yo asserted, “It’s basically talking about how you take the smooth of the rum and the fire of the tequila and bring ‘em together to just create a whole ‘nother sexy thing". OK, if you say so! Personally I find the song quite dull. As for its accompanying MV, it was directed by Chris Robinson and sees Ne-Yo doing what he knows best, enticing the ladies and getting the club pumping while he promotes his new product. Thank God 'Burnin' Up' can be downloaded for free cause otherwise it'd have become Ne-Yo's biggest flop ever. For real, it's a very 'lazy' effort. It works as advertisement music though...Check it out!

What do YOU think of 'Burnin' Up'?

Ne-Yo - Burnin' Up (Music Video!) screencap
By on April 9, 2012
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