New Songs: Nick Jonas - "Teacher" + "Wilderness" [Audio]

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For some strange and unfair reason, Nick Jonas’ Australian fans can buy the tracks “Teacher” and “Wilderness” – off Nick’s upcoming self-titled debut solo album out on November 11th – on iTunes Australia staring today (Oct. 14). Why only them, though? (*scowls*). Will other iTunes stores have these two tracks available for purchase soon too? Make sure to check out local iTunes stores constantly these days, guys!

The two new iTunes Countdown Singles “Teacher” and “Wilderness” - listen in full below - are tracks #3 and #5 on the “Nick Jonas” album tracklisting, respectively.

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“Teacher” and “Wilderness” song reviews

Teacher”: It’s a 80’s disco-inspired tune. “This game we're playing make me wanna break the rules”, sings Nick in the second verse. "Teacher" is a song where Nick teaches a girl he’s really interested in how to properly “love”.

Wilderness”: It's a groovy pop-soul track (very Kanye West meets Justin Timberlake meets somebody else I just can’t name right now but it’s on the tip of my tongue) where Nick recommends his girl that they should "take it back to basics". And by that Nick means; get naked, and return to nature, something like a modern "Adam and Eve".

I’ll have to eat my words of when I reviewed “Chains” a couple months ago and doubted that Nick could be successful with this JT-much sound. The sound fits Nick, but I just doubted he could connect with the general audience with it as he came from a too-pop world. “Jealous” is doing pretty good, and by the sound of the tracks we have heard so far, it seems "Nick Jonas" will be the album surprise of the year!

Love or hate 'em?



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By on October 14, 2014
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