New Song: Skylar Grey - 'Final Warning' [Full]

Watch out guys! Skylar Grey is in for the kill. Listen now to the Winsconsin singer's brand new single, the dark "Final Warning", the official second offering from her forthcoming major label debut album "Don't Look Down" due in stores on July 9 via Insterscope.

In "Final Warning" - available for purchase on iTunes now - Skylar Grey makes a serious threat to her boyfriend. He either stops cheating on her ("Hope she was worth it"), or she's gonna put that kitchen knife ("I’m going to the kitchen coming back with a knife Cuz I’ve had enough this time") to a 'good' use. The whole vibe of the song is really spooky, but Skylar sings the hook in a really naive-y way that makew a fun contrast ("na na na na"). It's like she's almost happy to be able to do 'it'. The "Coming Home" star said she wrote "Final Warning" almost three years ago, and that she's glad it made it onto her album, and is being promoted as the new single. If ya like "Final Warning" buy it or request on radio!

Hit or Miss?

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By on April 16, 2013

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