New Song Premiere: Zayn - "Fingers"

zayn fingers

This is on repeat! Zayn is serving jam after jam and I’m loving it. But hey, where is my new album? Zayn has been releasing “singles” ever since early 2017 and he’s yet to release his much-anticipated second solo album. What’s up with that? If my counting is not wrong, this new track “Fingers” is the seventh “single” from that upcoming sophomore Zayn LP. At this pace he’s going to release all the songs from the album before the actual album comes out, lol.

Anyways, back to “Fingers”. This is so good. It’s an R&B track with a fantastically sultry beat, sexy soft vocals from Zayn, and a baby-whining sound I cannot get out of my head (I love it). The lyrics are about, correct me if I’m wrong, Zayn being horny, being incapable to ask for “it” to the girl he’s obsessed about via text message and just sending her typo-filled random stuff, and Zayn hoping the girl ends up contacting him sending him his location so he can “come over and love ya”.

Hot song, with a lot of replay value, I’m expecting a very steamy music video, and come on, man… give us the new album now!


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By on October 18, 2018

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