New Song Premiere: Ariana Grande - "Thank U, Next"

ariana grande thank u next

What a song! Ariana Grande dropped a new single called “Thank U, Next” on Saturday night (Nov. 3) on all digital platforms. And this isn’t just a random one-off single, this is the lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album – as she has confirmed on social media. “Thank U, Next” will also be the title of that upcoming LP number five.

Produced by Crazy Mike, Scootie & TBHits, “Thank U, Next” is a chill bop where Ariana Grande speaks of overcoming difficulties in her personal life and relationships. She also references all her exes, including Mac Miller (R.I.P.), thanking them for teaching her love, patience, and pain.

There are empowerment anthems and then there is this! I particularly loved this review I read on Forbes: “It’s ultimately a beautiful piece of music. If this woman can not only survive what life has thrown her way, but come out the other side with this message, there is truly hope for all of us”. So true. Ariana is teaching us a lesson with “Thank U, Next”. Next time, don't pile up hatred, just try to extract something positive out of each bad experience in your life.


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By on November 4, 2018
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