New Song: Jessie J - 'It's My Party' [Review]

Jessie J premiered today (August 5) her new single "It's My Party". The uplifting pop song is scheduled for official release in the UK on September 15th, with her sophomore studio album still awating a fixed release date. It should be this Fall, though. "It's My Party" is too the second single from that upcoming new Jessie J album, following the Top 5 UK hit "Wild", featuring Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal.

I wonder who produced "It's My Party"?. It sounds reminiscing (although in a lesser version way) to "Domino". Is that you, Dr Luke?. On the first listen, "It's My Party" sounds like a big utter mess. It strikes as generic, not current ("Domino" was yesterday, today we need something new), the vocals are a mess (she sounds oversung most of the times), and the talking she does is...I cannot find the right words to describe this. What's happening to Jessie J this era?. For real! "Wild" was okay, but it didn't connect with the general audience in the end, only peaking at #5 in the UK. #5 may sound good to some of you, but in the UK if you're a top act and your new single peaks at #5, red alarm lights go off.

So why this descent in quality songs?. It's not like she rushed the recording process of album number 2. "Who You Are" was released two years ago, so most likely Jessie J had almost a year to record the follow-up?. Maybe she needed more time to get new inspiration, and get better songs with producers. If "It's My Party" is a fail on the charts in the UK too, you can bet her label will force Jessie J to scrap several tracks on her new album (if not the entirety), and get back into the studio to record a few REAL hits.

Hit or Miss?

By on August 5, 2013
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