New Song: Inna (feat. Pitbull) - 'Good Time'

inna good time lyric video
inna good time choreography

We’ve hearing about this song for a year, but it’s now time to actually listen to it in full and high-quality! It’s ‘Good Time’ by Inna featuring Mr. Worldwide aka. Pitbull.

The uplifting song is confirmed to be the next single from the Romanian singer’s (and one of the newest signees of Atlantic Records) upcoming fourth studio album ‘LatINNA’. (Click here to re-read my interview with Inna posted last April).

So unexpected! Inna, without previous warning, world premiered ‘Good Time’ uploading a LYRIC VIDEO (yey!) to her YouTube page on July 2. The lyric video shows the fit Romanian performing a choreography with two female back-up dancers.

The sound of ‘Good Time’ is definitely new territory for Inna. It’s a departure from her more ‘housey’ beats. Do I like it? Yeah. I would give the song a 3 out 5 stars. Pitbull is definitely going to give the song exposure, and the chorus of 'Good Time' is so addictive and bubbly. And it EXACTLY makes me want to do the 'hand' routine Inna does in the lyric video. It's like we are one mind. Love it! Would I have loved that 'Cola Song' had been a bigger hit? Yeah. But I think Inna's now found her bona-fide summer hit!

Hit or Miss?

By on July 2, 2014
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