New Song: Faith Evans (feat. Missy Elliott) - 'I Deserve It'

faith evans i deserve it cover

Did you think The First Lady was retired? You were wrong! Faith Evans has just left millions of R&B jaw-dropped after she uploaded to her official Soundcloud account the first single from her upcoming 8th studio, confirmed to be titled 'Incomparable', and dropping in stores later this year!! The first single is 'I Deserve It', a collaboration with Missy Elliott (where's my oxygen mask? I'm hiperventilating!) and up-and-coming female rapper Sharaya J, Missy's newest protegée.

'I Deserve It' sounds big! These girls have certainly arrived in time 'to make it hot for the summer'. I am leaning back and forth dancing to this bona-fide rhythmic radio Top 40 hit! The horn-driven track sees Faith singing about how she needs to find the right man, and that he needs to provide her with EVERYTHING as totally deserve it and is worth it (hellooo! obviously! This is queen Faith Evans we’re talking about) and Missy and Sharaya add a nice flavour thanks to their upbeat rap verses.

Hit or Miss?

By on June 25, 2014
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