New Song: Enrique Iglesias - "Turn The Night Up" [Review]

enrique iglesias turn the night up single artwork cover

Enrique Iglesias gave New York City's Z100 and Elvis Duran the authorisation to world premiere his new single, "Turn The Night Up" in the morning of Monday, July 22th. The The Cataracs-produced club-ready track serves as the official first single from the Spaniard's upcoming tenth studio album of his career, and second bilingual, that is yet to be given a title but that will hit stores worldwide this Fall. "Turn The Night Up" won't be available for purchase on iTunes until August 13, but listen to the radio premiere audio below now!

I like me some Enrique party music, but "Turn The Night Up" is not his best. Still, the The Cataracs-produced beat is hot and I can see some DJs creating cool remixes so they can make "Turn The Night Up" a must-play song in clubs this summer of 2013, therefore kind of securing Enrique's new single a high peak on Billboard's Hot Dance/Club Songs Chart at least. The Hot 100 will be a different challenge.

I just can't get into "Turn The Night Up" as easily as when "I Like It", "Tonight (I'm Loving You)", or "I Like How It Feels" premiered. Sure the dance beat is dope, and the pre-chorus is kind of good, but that 'sexy talk' Enrique 'tries' to do, and the actual chorus are just weak. Could Enrique, and/or his team, have made a mistake by not asking a rapper (that is, Pitbull) to feature on the new single?. I don't know, it's all kind of a fail for me.

Hit or Miss?

By on July 22, 2013
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