New Music: Sage the Gemini (ft. Nick Jonas) - "Good Thing" (Full)

sage the gemini good thing
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It seems Republic Records’ Sage the Gemini is readying a second studio album for release later this year. A new song by the green eyed-rapper titled “Good Thing” leaked today (April 4) and what do you think? It features none other than Nick Jonas! What a random pairing you say? Well, this isn’t totally uncharted territory for Sage as he already knows what it is to collaborate with a pop singer as he teamed up last year with DEV to release “Kiss It”, a song from the electro-pop singer’s “Bittersweet July” EP.

Republic must definitely have huge expectations from Sage the Gemini’s career. Probably they think his looks might make him the next Drake or something.

“Good Thing”: 40% Sage vs. 60% Nick

Pretty darn awesome this is. “Good Thing” sounds more like a Nick Jonas song, though. He has more vocals in it than Sage. The “Jealous” singer gets 4 choruses, and a bridge, while Sage only has the two verses and a random adlibs. But I guess he doesn’t care as a long as the song becomes a hit, for in the end he’ll be getting all of the good money because he officially is the main artist. On the other hand, this also is beneficiary for Nick as he’s gonna get even more presence on radio, he will now be included on the list of ‘adequate collaborator’ for urban artists, as he totally ‘works’ on “Good Thing”, and because getting a call from anyone in the business to work with you means that your career is developing really well.

As for song itself, I like it, it has a mystical vibe, the producer of the calm synth production must be come forward so we can praise him, Sage’s rapping is catchy, Nick sounds incredibly hot in the chorus, and overall, “Good Thing” is a solid track, about two lovers who seem to be having a hard time figuring out they’re meant for each other.

Hit or Miss?

By on April 4, 2015
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