New Music: Porcelain Black - Swallow My Bullet

Porcelain Black 'leaked' on Friday night (April 13th) a brand new song called "Swallow My Bullet"...Listen above! The RedOne-produced 'angry' electro-rock cut was put online for all Porcelain's 'Trainwrecks' (as she nicely call her fans) to enjoy cost-free as a way for the bad-ass rocker chick to show her disapproval of her label's (Universal Republic Records) lack of support in her career. They haven't picked a new single yet, and 'Naughty Naughty' never had a music video. Funny enough, although "Swallow My Bullet" was 'leaked' on purpose to make Porcelain's label semi-pissed, Universal Republic lost no time in re-tweeting the stream link. Okay...?. Anyhow, "Swallow My Bullet" is a pretty cool track. Very in the line of Porcelain's previous songs, so I'm sure all of you 'Trainwrecks' will enjoy it. It should stay as 'buzz single' only though.

What do YOU think of 'Swallow My Bullet'?

By on April 14, 2012

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