New Music: Meghan Trainor - "Lips Are Moving" [Full Audio / Review]

meghan trainor lips are moving

What happened? Wasn’t “Title” going to be her next single? It was even reported she had shot a music video for the song! Oh Epic, what are doing? Somebody needs to send a press release to explain this messy situation.

While were patiently awaiting the premiere of the music video for Meghan Trainor's "confirmed" next single "Title", we were surprised by the news today that had scheduled a new Meghan song titled “Lips are Moving” for radio impact on October 21. That meant: “Title" was scrapped, Epic had wasted money shooting a music video that in theory won’t ever be released, and that “Lips are Moving” is the new Meghan single and that its impact wis to be immediate.

“Lips are Moving” is now confirmed as the lead single from Meghan’s forthcoming full-length debut album which will be released via Epic in early 2015.

The new Meghan Trainor single “premiered” in a very messy way. uploaded the full audio of the song on its website. Was it a mistake? Yes or no, the point is that “Lips are Moving” is now available for stream. Messy indeed, huh? How is your single going to "premiere" via a random stream? (lol). Come on, Epic! Take better care of your new singles!

“Lips are Moving” – Song Review

Lips are Moving” will certainly be a nice follow-up to "All About That Bass" as both songs sound super alike. There’s your blue eyed soul-pop production (with a clappy melody and trumpets), Meghan’s sweet vocals, and a large dose of boyfriend-bashing lines. At one point Meghan sings, “I gave you bass, You gave me sweet talk”. It’s definitely a nice “gesture” to her monster hit that she sort of mentions it in “Lips are Moving”, but I'm getting the feeling she’s trying too hard to keep riding the "All About That Bass" wave. She’s got to let that wave go. “Title” would have been a better follow-up in my opinion. It was still Meghan Trainor and it showed her super fun "soca" sound that she so loves. “Lips are Moving” is just too "All About That Bass 2.0”. It may be a big hit, though! But if it isn’t, it’s definitely going to be because people had thought it was too "the same thing”.

Hit or Miss?

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By on October 10, 2014

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