New Music: Major Lazer (feat. MØ) - "Lost" [Full Audio / Frank Ocean Cover]

major lazer lost cover

It seems Danish singer MO has become Major Lazer’s newest muse. Not only does she provides the vocals in the production team’s hit single “Lean On”, she’s now also the main vocalist in Major Lazer’s new song “Lost”, which isn’t ‘entirely’ new as it is a cover of the Frank Ocean from the 2012 album “Channel Orange” but it is ‘kinda’ new as MO is the one singing now and the production is completely different.

Loving the chill island/reggae vibe of Major Lazer’s “Lost” version, but this, under no circumstances, is at the same level of the majorly infectious “Lean On”, which is undoubtedly one of the monster hits of the 2015 summer. “Lost” is more of a song for a ‘mojito at an open lounge in the beach’ situation and not so much for a hardcore club party playlist.

Still, pretty cool summer song, MO continues to show versatility with her vocals, and I’m convinced Frank Ocean is going to approve this.

"Lost" is set to appear on Major Lazer's upcoming album "Music is the Weapon".

Hit or Miss?

By on July 21, 2015

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