New Music: Imagine Dragons - "Gold" [Full Audio / Review]

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Don’t you just love it when everything you touch turns to gold? If you’re one of these people then I recommend you hearing Imagine Dragons’ brand new song “Gold”. You can get it as free instant download if you pre-order the band’s sophomore album “Smoke + Mirrors” right now on iTunes (out February 17th, 2015).

“Gold” is produced by Alex Da Kid (“Castle Walls”) and it’s yet another song where Imagine Dragons debut a brand new sound. If you were surprised by the soulful-ish "Bet My Life", then no doubt your jaws will drop to the floor when you hear "Gold".

“Gold” song review

“Smoke + Mirrors” is going to be full of surprises, huh? How to describe the sound of "Gold"? It's something in between folk and gypsy music. It's different but it's cool. Definitely unlike anything the guys of Imagine Dragons have released before. They’re so eclectic I love it! This song is actually meant to be an advise for those who aren’t able to tell the false from the real and just will believe and do anything should it bring benefits to them. “Who can you trust? When everything you touch turns to gold”, wonders Imagine Dragons’ lead man Dan Reynolds in the chorus.

Hit or Miss?

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By on December 16, 2014

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