New Music: Iggy Azalea & Ellie Goulding - "Heavy Crown" [Full Audio]

iggy azalea heavy crown

The most-anticipated track on Iggy Azalea’s “Reclassified” album has just hit the Internet. It’s her collaboration with British star Ellie Goulding, “Heavy Crown”. “Reclassified” is the repack of the Australian rapper’s debut album “The New Classic” due in stores on November 24th via Island Records. “Reclassified” will include 5 new songs and “Heavy Crown” is one of them. The first Iggy & Ellie duet was written by: Amethyst Kelly, The Invisible Men, Salt Wives and John Turner. Stream it below!!!

ellie goulding heavy crown

“Heavy Crown” song review

Love it! Love the contrast between the menacing, raucous Iggy Azalea verses to the vulnerable Ellie choruses. “And when it's time, I'll pass it [the crown] proud / But BITCH I got it now”, sings the “Burn” star in the brand new “Reclassified” song. Fierce! The second I heard the “bitch I got it now” line I knew I was going to turn “Heavy Crown” into my new anthem. If you’re feeling like the king/queen of the world right now, or just want to raise your self-esteem you definitely have to give Iggy’s “Heavy Crown” song a listen. Hopefully this gets picked as official single soon. Dying to see these girls starring in a music video!!!

Hit or Miss?

By on November 20, 2014
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