New Music: Emile Haynie (ft. Lana del Rey) - "Wait for Life" [Full Audio / Review]

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Absolutely heavenly! Thank you for coming back to your 'dreamy' sound, Lana del Rey.

The New York singer is returning Grammy-winning producer Emile Haynie the favour by featuring on one of the songs from his forthcoming debut studio album titled “We Fall” due in stores stateside on February 23rd (Insterscope).

What favour did Lana have to return you ask? Well, Emile Haynie produced pretty much the entirety of Ms. Del Rey’s critically-acclaimed "Born to Die” album so featuring on one song only could even look as ‘too little’. Haynie was partially the mastermind behind one of the best albums of 2012 and the fact Lana del Rey is in our lives and for that we'll be forever grateful. So you Lana fans make sure to cop Emile's “We Fall” when it’s out!

So yes. In Emile's “We Fall” album there’s a Lana del Rey-assisted song and it's called “Wait for Life”. The song was made available for individual purchase or instant download if you pre-order the whole album on iTunes today, January 19th. If you’re hesitating on whether make a move or not, we have a stream for you below!

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“Wait for Life” song review

Just exquisite! Lana del Rey puts her criticised-by-some “Ultraviolence” sound to rest and goes back to her praised-by-everybody ‘dreamy' sound of her "Born to Die" era on “Wait for Life”. Lana sings it solo, and it's a heavenly ride from start to finish. Her emotional voice cracking in the bridge simply slayed my soul!

The production iin “Wait for Life” is so reminiscent to the music from the "Born to Die" album and that evidently is Emile Haynie’s 'fault'. The guitar, the piano, the strings…it's all too beautiful to be true. This song was born to be sung by Lana and Lana only.

Hit or Miss?

By on January 19, 2015
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