New Music: Christina Milian - 'Hello'

New Music: Christina Milian - 'Hello'

Christina Milian is abducted by the dance/house side of the force in her new single "Hello", which in reality is a mere collaboration with the Stafford Brothers - an Australian duo who produce and DJ and who were recently signed by Cash Money Records - also featuring a verse by rapper Lil' Wayne...Listen above!

These Stafford Brothers may have produced the song and their name may appear as 'main artist', but it's sweet and sexy Christina Milian who steals the show. She sings, and soars like a 'dance' diva in "Hello". The song was released on iTunes on December 18, 2012. Get it now! Sooo, is this a hit?. Well, I'm liking it a lot! Turn your volume up and let them dance breaks blast through your room NOW!

What has taken Christina so long to figure out that dance/pop music should be her new thing I don't know, but I'm glad she's finally embracing it! She should ditch Stafford Brothers for her next releases though. Her new bosses at Cash Money Records (she too inked a deal this year) should booked Milian a few studio sessions with RedOne, Guetta or Calvin Harris and you know the hits won't stop coming! But first let's focus on "Hello". Here's hoping they come up with a cool, high-budget music video. "Hello" can smash, y'all! With the correct promo, I can see it smashing in the UK and doing nicely in the US. Enjoy!


By on December 18, 2012

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