New Music: Calvin Harris (ft. Ellie Goulding) - "Outside" [Full Audio]

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Check it out! Scottish DJ Calvin Harris just premiered on VEVO the official audio to his new collaboration with English singer Ellie Goulding titled "Outside". The EDM track will appear on Harris' forthcoming studio album "Motion", in stores on November 3rd. “Outside” becomes the second collaboration between Calvin and “Burn” star Ellie. Their first was the 2012 club smash hit “I Need Your Love” that was included on the DJ’s last album “18 Months”. If you remember, in the music video for “I Need Your Love” the two were on-screen lovers and even had “bed” and “kissing” scenes. (Say what!?)

Now that Calvin has split from Rita Ora, do you think he’ll try to do what we all are hoping for? To make Ellie fall in love with him? I think Ellie has a boyfriend now, but I say ditch that poor bast*rd and date Calvin! They could be music's new power couple.

"Outside" song review

“I Need Your Love 2.0”, here we go? Well, it’s still EDM music. Perhaps "I Need Your Love" was more upbeat and more makes-you-wanna-fist-pump, but "Outside" is still a pretty dance-y record. Ellie serves angelic vocals throughout the song (the message is about a couple falling apart) while Calvin provides uplifting EDM beat breaks. By the way, is there a particular reason why Calvin has premiered the audio of “Outside” on VEVO before other album tracks? Is he trying to tell us this is going to be his next official single from “Motion”? Hopefully, because “Outside” would smash really hard.

Hit or Miss?

By on October 20, 2014

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