New Music: Broods - "Four Walls"

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New Zealand duo Broods have made another new song from their upcoming debut album "Evergreen" (October 7th) available for purchase on iTunes. It's the peaceful ballad "Four Walls", co-written by the Nott siblings and Joel Little - the executive producer of the album, Broods' discoverer, and also the mastermind behind Lorde's critically-acclaimed LP "Pure Heroine". (Little won a Grammy this year for "Royals").

"Four Walls" is the tenth track on the "Evergreen" 11-song tracklisting.

"Four Walls" song review

Peaceful ballad indeed. Georgia Nott does all the singing, and she does a beautiful job. "Four Walls" is a tranquil love song. She sings in the lyrics to that 'perfect man'. The only place she wants to be is among those four walls with him which is the place they call home. “Those four walls now are the only place that I can feel Those four walls now are home”, sings Ms. Nott in the chorus. If you’re currently in love, and living under the same roof with your partner, then you'll want to listen to this song.

The current US Broods single is “Mother & Father”. You can request it on radios now! The black and white music video premiered last month.

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By on August 18, 2014

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