New Music: Ashanti (feat. Beenie Man) - "First Real Love" [Full Audio & Review]

ashanti new single first real love artwork

Ashanti should have released reggae-tinged "First Real Love" as the official first single from "Braveheart" instead of "I Got It". "First Real Love" is the first piece of music by Ashanti that actually gets me excited in a very long while. "I Got It" is just more of the same. She's tried it too many times with those R&B songs, but she's flopped. Ashanti released the full audio (a snippet had leaked earlier this year) of "First Real Love" through SoundCloud on Thursday, February 20th. Listen below!

Produced by Teetimus, and featuring Beenie Man, "First Real Love" is a lovey-dovey with a reggae feeling that sees Beenie and Ashanti sharing the spotlight almost equally. I like Beenie Man, but he appears too many times on "First Real Love" for my taste. One verse would have bee enough. Ashanti's parts are very repetitive too. However, overall, "First Real Love" is a nice song. It's summery (maybe Ashanti should have saved it for a couple months later?), and I like her vocals and adlibs in this one too. "First Real Love" definitely has a crossover appeal edge for Ashanti. *prays radio pick it up*

Rating: 2.8/5

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By on February 20, 2014

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