New Music: Aqua Release Two New Singles: "Like A Robot" and "Playmate to Jesus"

Euro-pop group Aqua are giving me life right now with their two new singles, "Like A Robot" and "Playmate to Jesus", which were released on iTunes in Norway and Denmark earlier today (September 12th) - Aftering slaying the charts in these countries with their first single "How R U Doin?", the 'Barbie Girl' stars are moving foward now with a dual release. The mid-tempo pop cut "Playmate to Jesus" will impact on radios soon, while "Like A Robot" will be serviced as a 'club' single. A great way if you ask me to increase the buzz for Aqua's upcoming album entitled "Megalomania", in stores on October 3rd.

"Playmate to Jesus" is very nice (it grew on me after a few listens, Lene sings it beautifully!), but right now it's all about "Like A Robot". This racy but seriously infectious electro-pop tune is slaying my entire life! I'm obssesed! I'll probably hate it in a few weeks (lol), so let's cherish the moment. "Like A Robot" is gonna dominate the dancefloors in Norway and Denmark. They're so lucky! Dying to get "Megalomania".

What do you think of the songs?

By on September 12, 2011

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