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New: Girls Aloud - 'Beautiful Cause You Love Me'

Check out this brand new Girls Aloud song called "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me" - off the greatest hits album 'Ten' - that the British group premiered on BBC Radio 2 on November 13...Listen in full above!

Ever since Girls Aloud announced their comeback to release a new greatest hits compilation (and UK tour) in order to celebrate their ten year anniversary I've been in complete ecstasy. And that they would include FOUR brand new tracks on that album...I mean, that was major news for pop fans.

So first, 'Something New' premiered, and I loved it. Next, the tracklisting for 'Ten' was revealed and I was happy. And now I was simply waiting for the album to come out November 26 to make my purchase. However, Girls Aloud have made the foolish mistake to premiere this brand new track prior the album release. Why foolish mistake? Cause the released song "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me" is a weak and corny ballad. Man, all my anticipation and hype to purchase 'Ten' has disappeared just like THAT, in a matter of second. Why premiering such a bland mess? I don't understand. You gals better have kept it undisclosed so that fans would have bought 'Ten' anyway. Cause now I bet a few (or a lot) are re-thinking that idea. If the song they decided to release prior the album release is this bad, I don't want to imagine how the remaining two are....So you get my point, huh?. FYI: I almost lost the will to live halfway through "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me", so be careful. Oh, and why is Nicola singing the 'ugly' bit?. Not cool


By on November 13, 2012
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