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Nas - "Nasir": Complete Album Lyrics

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Read now all the lyrics from Nas' new album entitled "Nasir".

This is the NYC rapper's twelfth studio album and the follow-up to "Life is Good", which was released six long years ago.

"Nasir" is set for global release on June 15th via Mass Appeal and Def Jam.

Nas' new LP is made of 7 tracks in total (why not call it an EP then... *sigh*).

Kanye West executive-produced "Nasir". He's also the only featured artist on the album.


The Lyrics

1. “Everything

2. “Bonjour

3. “Not For Radio

4. “Adam & Eve

5. “Simple Things

6. “Cops” feat. Kanye West

7. “I Can Explain

The Stream

Coming soon...

By on June 15, 2018
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