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(I'm gonna)
(I'm gonna)
(I'm gonna have to leave you)

[Verse 1: Nas]
Yvette styling at Met Gala
Tuna salad from La Scala
Black sweats, swallowing a lot of reefer
God, it hard to quit the bottom feeder, lobster eater
When I fast, I see a [?]
A million can't support Nas' features, Nas cheaper
Do it for free if you do it for me
Fifty-two bar verses, the beat is moving me
Stumble through customs
Coppin' Cubans at the duty-free
Laying on the most exquisite beds, still I'm losing sleep
Next to Jets' beauty of the week, 1993
Chin, grab her
Neck, choke her
In her mouth, spit her
Blouse ripper, ass gripper, that dig you out nigga
I ain't gon hold you, old head gave me old news...

[Chorus: Sample]
(I'm gonna have to leave you)
(I'm gonna)
(I'm gonna)
(I'm gonna have to leave you)

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