Must-Watch: Tinashe & Iggy Azalea Perform The "All Hands On Deck" Remix For The Very First Time!

iggy tinashe remix performance

I did not see this coming!

Tinashe was a performer at the Washington State Fair near Seattle last night (Sept. 22) and guess who she brought on stage mid-show? Raptress Iggy Azalea! And what did they perform together? The "All Hands On Deck" remix! And for the very first time!

A little recap: The remix was released in February this year around the time "All Hands On Deck" was announced to be the next single from Tinashe's "Aquarius" album. It was then expected that this remix would be sent to radios instead of the album solo version but in the end, and to the surprise of all of us, the remix with Iggy Azalea was kind of 'scrapped' as what RCA ultimately sent to radios was the solo version of "All Hands On Deck" only featuring Tinashe's vocals, and the single's official music video also featured this solo version. Due to this obvious low blow to Iggy, she basically wasted her time recording this remix, a duet performance of this remix seeing Tinashe and Iggy sharing a stage never occurred...until last night!

Watch below 10-seconds (I know! but it's all we've got!) from the "All Hands On Deck" remix performance from Tuesday night at the Washington State Fair - LOOKED HOT! Hopefully a generous fan will upload the full performance soon.


By on September 23, 2015
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