MNEK Gets Tired Of His Closeted Gay Lover, Unmasks Him With A Simple Text Message In “Girlfriend” Music Video… Ready That Popcorn!

mnek girlfriend
mnek girlfriend video

MNEK is so brave for writing a song like this one – which 100% true, there are a lot of partnered closeted gay people who prefer to keep their lovers (in this case another man) hidden in the shadows foe eternity. But what happens when the lover says enough is enough? – and besides for shooting a music video as illustrative as this one. Can you believe, though, I hadn’t heard this song till now? I knew I forgot to listen to at least one album from 2019. That album was MNEK’s debut studio album “Language”. MNEK is one of the most exciting pop talents to come out from the UK in the latest years! I feel so foolish for having slept on my laurels and not hearing “Language” in its entirety when it came out last September. Perhaps it was a busy month for me? Whatever the case was, all the pop gems I have missed! Dang it!

Girlfriend” is the newest single from “Language” and its official music video premiered on YouTube on Wednesday night. In the music video MNEK brings to visual life exactly what he conveys in this song. The video sees MNEK lying on the bed in the bedroom of his home with another man (where can I get that satin outfit? Loves it) spending quality comfortable time until this man gets a call – from his actual girlfriend (!!!), who is waiting for him at their home to celebrate their fifth anniversary as a couple, a date this foolish dude had totally forgotten about. Of course he will tell him to wait because he will be on his way home “right now” and he shouldn’t take long to arrive. But that won’t happen until he gives MNEK a bit more of caressing. But MNEK has grown tired of being the stranger in this love triangle. He was promised the truth would be revealed so the two could enjoy their love peacefully but till date nothing has happened. MNEK has reached his limit. And that’s why in the last scene of this music video he will force the truth to finally see the light of day, and not in a way his now ex-lover (?) would have wanted… BOOM!


I totally enjoyed this music video. I saw it eating popcorn and everything as if was in the movies. What an addictive telenovela! And what a catchy song with a heavy 90s influence “Girlfriend” is. Loves it! Every time I heard the "neither you or your story straight" lyric I screamed!

The UK better make this song a hit. But the UK doesn’t seem to be in their best state mentally at this moment. They seem confused. Look at the whole Brexit mess. But oh well, MNEK is there to remind us good things still can come out of the UK.

By on February 7, 2019

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