Michael Bublé Goes Doo-Wop With New Single “Nobody But Me”: Meghan Trainor-Influenced?

michael bubble nobody but me

Three years after releasing his last studio album, “To Be Loved” (2013), Canadian singer Michael Bublé is finally back in the frontline.

Michael will release in late October what will be his ninth studio album titled “Nobody But Me”. And this is too the title of the lead single, which got released on iTunes, Spotify and the other digital platforms over the weekend.

Nobody But Me” hears Mr. Bublé testing a couple of new things for the first time that will definitely leave fans surprised: 1) the inclusion of a rap bridge, courtesy of Black Thought of The Roots, and 2) the super doo-wop sound of the song.

With respect to the rap bridge, I personally don’t think it fits very well with the song. It kills the vibe a bit. Yet, I think Black Thought is one talented man - it’s just that I don’t think he was needed here. And with regard to the doo-wop production, I’m loving it because I feel it goes well with the tone of Michael’s voice - plus the melody puts me in a good mood. However, I must say this particular doo-wop sound reminds me a lot to what Meghan Trainor used to do. If Meghan had recorded “Nobody But Me”, she could have perfectly featured it on her “Title” LP and it would’ve looked fine! Hey…now I think about it.. Michael Bublé has a collaboration with Meghan Trainor on his upcoming album called “Someday”. Could it be possible that he had worked with Meghan on “Nobody But Me” and other tracks and therefore the doo-wop influence? I want to know who wrote this song now! The curiosity is killing me!

Nobody But Me” is an upbeat jealousy anthem where Michael Bublé says he can’t even deal with the hypothetical idea of other men courting his girl. She is his and of no other. Hmmm, okay tough guy!

Hit or Miss?

By on August 22, 2016

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