Marshmello & Anne-Marie Slay “Friends” Performance On “Jimmy Fallon”: Watch

anne marie marshmello friends performance
anne marie marshmello friends performance fallon

That was so great!

Marshmello and Anne-Marie have finally performed their latest collaboration “Friends” for the first time together on a television show. The special performance took place yesterday on NBC’s “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”. Anne-Marie provided the live vocals in the performance, all while wearing a cute heart-pattern two-piece outfit, while Mr. Marshmello did his DJ thing on a platform behind.

While it’s always funny seeing Marshmello play his DJ role while wearing that ridiculous helmet on his head in performance, the true star of my attention last night was UK’s Anne-Marie. She sounded incredible (just like the studio version and that I love), her attitude on the stage was electric, and she just, you could tell, had the time of her life. And all of this combined made for one amazing performance.

Better get into the “Friends” zone ASAP if you haven’t yet. I’m so addicted tot this song! And I’m so happy Anne-Marie is getting called for more collaborations. She has so much talent and I feel like she could have an amazing career in the pop industry if given an honest support by her label.


By on March 7, 2018

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