Marisa Maino’s Pretty Bad Ass Girl Anthem “Boy Toy” Is The Truth: Listen Now!

marisa maino boy toy

I don't know how I've managed to live without this song in my life. And it's been two months since it was released, can you believe!? And that's two months without a new pop anthem of superior quality like this blessing my Spotify "Songs" playlist... just pure sacrilege! I wish someone would have let me know of it sooner.

Marisa Maino made her spotlight debut in the industry last year with the release of her song "Hot", but it's her latest single "Boy Toy" that has truly caught my attention and the one that made me want to follow Marisa on social media immediately. I'm too finding myself now refreshing her Spotify page at all times wishing a new song of hers comes up out of the sudden. I need more! This girl is the real deal. Other pop girls should feel afraid.

"Boy Toy" is a "pretty bad ass girl anthem" (not my words but Marisa's). This pop song, boasting a drama-filled dark pop sound (giving me Julia Michaels "Issues" vibes), hears Marisa recounting the story of an empowered girl who became empowered after her heart was broken. She's now become a girl who makes her own decisions and who won't let bad boys play her no more. This empowered girl will now be the one breaking hearts to let guys know how it actually hurts. "Out with old, in with the new / That's the way that this world works" sings Marisa speaking some very true words. And then she warns her future lovers; "I've got lots of boy toys / And if you can't play nice You'll go back where you've been". Understood? So boys, better behave next time.

My obsession with this song is real. The chorus is like my new Bible.


Read the lyrics to "Boy Toy" here

By on March 28, 2018

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