Marina and the Diamonds' 'Dark' New Song "Immortal" Arrives In Full: Stream (Music Video Added!)

marina and the diamonds immortal cover

It’s already 2015 in New Zealand (happy new year, y’all!), and that only means one thing. That Marina and the Diamonds’ brand new song “Immortal” is finally out on iTunes. The 5-minute long track, which Marina described as "arguably the darkest thing” she’s ever written, is the “Froot of the Month” (of January 2015).

The British singer-songwriter is releasing a new song from her upcoming third album “Froot” each month till it hits stores in early April. That means that after “Immortal”, there are only two new songs (“froots”) left to be individually released on iTunes (the ones for the months of February and March). After that, the whole “Froot” LP will have arrived (and the 12 full songs that it contains).

“Immortal” song review

It's definitely dark, it's slow-tempo, there are a few synth elements, and it's pretty epic. "Immortal" is giving me life and chills. It's such a SPIRITUAL song. Yes, that's the best way to describe it. “I wanna be immortal / Like a god in the sky”, sings Marina in the first verse. She talks in the song about that impossible but would-be-damn-cool dream of becoming a deity and enjoying all of their powers.

Hit or Miss?

Update: So soon! Marina just premiered the official music video!

By on December 31, 2014
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