Marian Hill's "Differently" Music Video Is All About Girl Power!

marian hill differently video
marian hill differently video premiere

Marian Hill are every woman in their new music video for "Differently", which being faithful to the title of the song depicts a very different treatment.

The two Marian Hill members will "perform" their song sitting on a blue couch in a dark room as various women of different ages and races will start to appear and flood the set out of the sudden. These girls will remain calm for the majority of the music video but it will get to a point when they all will suddenly start to want to feel their all and start doing all kind of diva-esque poses so ferociously for the camera, totally stealing Marian Hill's thunder for a second or two.

"Differently" is the latest single from the duo's upcoming second studio album "Unusual", which is hitting stores on May 11.


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By on April 5, 2018
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