Marian Hill Tell The Story Of A Crazy Obsessive Girl In “Differently”: Listen

marian hill differently

Samantha Gongol is pathologically obsessed with someone and that clearly shows in Marian Hill’s new song “Differently”. I would recommend her seeing a psychologist because the lyrics are giving me serious “you need help, girl” vibes.

Tell me, does she kiss like me? / C'mon, tell me, can she sing like me? / She a king like me? / Do you care that she runs around till 3, do ya? / Tell me, are you missing me?”, Samantha sings on the chorus of “Differently” over a beat that, as all of the songs Marian Hill have released since 2016, sounds similar to the iconic hit “Down”. The Marian Hill lead vocalist is clearly singing here about an old boyfriend who has now moved on to another girl but she isn’t happy with that for some reason. And I think it’s because she hasn’t mentally moved on from the guy and she thinks that he won’t be able to find a woman that’s better in any aspect than her. So she’s haunting the poor guy and making him feel bad with his decision - as the lyrics of “Differently” indicate. My advice to her? Book a session with a psychologist, and let the your ex live his life like he wants it. You may indeed be right that you're better than his new girl but love yourself a little more and forget that dumb guy already.

Marian Hill's new album "Unusual" arrives on May 11th.


Ready the lyrics to "Differently" here

By on March 23, 2018
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